This is exciting. We’re having a Youth Training Camp on Tuesday 12th April (12:00pm onwards), all day Wednesday 13th April & the morning of Thursday 14th April.

Our young riders will have lessons in Flatwork, Show jumping, X- country, Horsemanship & games. Coaches booked so far are Danielle Fredericks, Ashley Adams, Marlene Battedou & Karen Harrison. Please note, for x/country lessons riders must wear a back protector. Incase you didn’t know, jockeys use the Vipa brand of back protector. Keep this in mind if you need to purchase one. Our camp will be limited to 16 riders, BRC members only, with a maximum of 4 riders in each group. Riders are required to bring along a 2 or 4 ring plastic folder and 10 plastic sleeves in which to place handouts / worksheets.
$120 / rider for full camp
$35 – Tuesday12:00pm to 4:00pm
$80 – Wednesday all day
$35-  Thursday 9:00pm to 12:00pm
Plus $10 ground & admin fee 
Riders can choose to attend 1, 2 or all 3 days of camp. However, riders must attend one other day before being allowed to participate in the activities on Thursday.
Camping is optional. As there are no yards at our grounds, riders can either bring their own yard or if you can borrow a portable yard that would be terrific as well. Please give Judy Sweeney a ring (4464 1143) if you would like to camp but don’t have a yard.
When booking in on Global > Showjumping:
  •  click the class “Camping – Yes” if you plan to stay overnight. Let’s admit it, it would be great fun to camp! And…..
  •  click the class to show your riding standard (Beginner, Novice or Experienced)
Entries close Saturday 9th April at 11:00pm. Enter early so you don’t miss out. No late entries will be accept.  More information will be sent after close of entries. Looking forward to a fun camp.