There are a couple of memes that do the rounds on Facebook which most horse owners can identify with at this time of year. One shows a frost covered man (Jack Nicholson from “The Shining”) saying; “the horses are fed”. The other has a man neck deep in floodwater, cowboy hat still in place, and the title says “must… feed the horses”. Horse lovers are generally an intrepid lot and caring for our beloved equines is a priority no matter what inclement weather comes our way. This winter is certainly testing our resolve as heavy rain, deep mud, high winds and extreme cold make being outdoors a real challenge. Yet some of us even manage to compete and attend clinics. Berry Riding Club has been busy catering for the die hards with numerous events. After all: once you’re on the horse you hardly notice those frost bitten cheeks. To be fair there have been a few beautiful mild sunny days which make it a pleasure to be riding and let us hope mild weather prevails for the rest of the winter.

Events scheduled for July included a weekend of dressage with a Carolyn James Skills Development Day and our regular dressage competition on the 16th and 17th.  Also on offer on the 31st was a Show jumping Clinic with the very talented Clint Beresford, who is a member of the Rio Olympic Squad and the Generation Next Olympic Squad. It is quite a coup to have Clint for a clinic as he is a young rider who combines talent, dedication and a commitment to excellence with the ability to coach and mentor riders at all levels of competition.

Our AGM is scheduled for August and members are reminded to renew membership on Global Entries Online in order to continue to enjoy the many benefits of belonging to our friendly inclusive club. Berry Riding Club has a very affordable membership fee and the comprehensive calendar of events throughout the year means we can get real value for money.

Finally; for many young riders, the time has come to begin planning and preparing for our annual Interschools Championship in October. In the modern era it is very important for sporting clubs and associations to encourage and support young people to participate. Outdoor activities are wonderful for physical and mental health; especially when horses are involved. For more information visit our Facebook page.