Another BRC youth training day is scheduled for Sunday 28th4 August (4th Sunday in the month)

It’s going to be an “Indian Day”. Riders are asked to come dressed as American Indians (still wearing correct helmet & boots) and if you have time decorate your horse with hand prints etc …. Google American Indian ponies for ideas. We’ll be practicing the sporting events held at our upcoming Interschool Champs. We’ll be playing games (pass the tomahawk), yahooing around the paddock (riding to time), a little bit of bareback riding and learning about Horse Ball.

What’s Horse Ball? The adult version  The kids version   Good skills for our netball players.
Marlene has played Horse Ball at a national level in France. What a treasure we have in Marlene!
Please book in by emailing your child’s name & riding ability before Sunday 21st August.  Cost is $25 – 1st Child, $15 – 2nd child & subsequent children free. Payable on the day.