For your diary – Derby Day – a competition – Sunday 5th February – Club grounds – 50 Schofields Lane, Berry. A fabulous introduction to riding a X/country course for inexperienced riders & horses! You’ll want to have 2 rounds because it’s so much fun! Our Derby is a jumping course made up of show jumps and x/country fences over a distance of approximately 1,200m, 12 jumps in total.  Course heights to choose from: 40/60cm or 60/75cm or 75/90cm.

Riders will ride a shorten show jumping course, followed by a gallop (or at a more comfortable speed – your choice of speed) and then onto the x/country course. The x/country section will have a variety of jumps eg a roll top, gate, an apex, church, log rolls etc.

Ribbons awarded to 5th. Cost: only $10 per round (plus admin & ground fees = $11). A maximum of 2 rounds per horse. Riders can ride the same height twice. The second round at the same height will be non-competitive.

Enter on NOMINATE   Entries close: Wednesday 1st February.  Don’t forget to tell your friends about our Derby Day.