We’re jumping Saturday 1st July. It will be clear round jumping which means that every clear round will receive a ribbon. Lots of heights on offer, from x/rails to 1:20m and higher if required.

Book in now on Global www.globalentriesonline.com.au
Eventers – a thought for you….
Because we also have Carolyn James, an FEI Eventing Judge, teaching Dressage on Saturday consider having a dressage lesson as well as participating in our clear round jumping. Your dressage lesson can be scheduled before your jumping rounds. Just a thought.
Upcoming Events
Sunday 8th July – Working Equitation morning clinic (email BRC Sec)
Sunday 9th July – Working Equitation comp (Nominate)
Sunday 23rd July – Youth Training Day (email BRC Sec)
Sunday 6th August – Dressage Comp (Global)
Saturday 12th August – Clear Round Jumping (Global)
Saturday 19th August – Derby Day (Nominate)
Sunday 27th August – Youth Training Day (email BRC Sec)