If you haven’t experienced a Derby as yet give it a go. Derby’s are a whole of fun. Riders ride a shortened show jumping course, followed by a gallop (or at a more comfortable speed – your choice) and then around the x/country course with another gallop to finish.  Our club has a good variety of mobile x/country jumps including roll tops, a gate, an apex, a church, log rolls, hay feeder, pheasant feeder, brush fences just to name a few. Some are small for beginners, some tricky and some higher for those who are more confident riders.

If you like to have a go at our Derby enter on Nominate. Entries close Wednesday 31st January. www.nominate.com.au
Our lowest height will consist a course with jumps ranging between x/rails & 45cm. The highest height  – a course with jumps ranging between 75 & 90cm.