We’re having a YTD on Sunday 26 May and it will be a little different than previous training days. 

    Marlene Battedou will be taking our riders across the creek and onto, what we call, the cross country paddock. For the past several months we have been clearing this paddock of old barbed wire fences and making safe creek crossings.

    There are no x/country jumps in this paddock so our riders won’t be jumping. Instead they will be riding up & down hills, over banks, practicing their 2 point position just to name a few activities.

     It’s a beautiful paddock and in time, will make a great course for conducting One Day Events.

    Please fill in the booking form on our website ASAP if you’re planning to bring your child along to our YTD. It should be a super fun morning.

    Pictured are a few of our GG ladies exploring the cross country paddock.