Equestrian NSW

Remember, ensuring that your helmet is compliant and safe is always the responsibility of the athlete and a compliant helmet is mandatory under the EA General Regulations.

Helmet tagging only indicates that the helmet complies with current EA standards.

More information on currently approved safety standards for helmets can be found at https://www.equestrian.org.au/…/current-approved-safety…


To find out where and when you can get your helmet tagged you might like to drop an email to Berry Riding Club for the details of up coming tagging dates and location.

Email  our club Secretary Mrs Judy Sweeney  at jasiiy@bigpond.net.au

In addition, when you are going to an event, check the schedule as there will be block times available for helmet tagging. If you need your helmet tagged and cannot find a date or time, please email your relevant State Equestrian Branch and they will endeavour to put you in touch with a helmet tagger near you. 

Please note: Helmet taggers are volunteers, so please be patient with them.