March  News

March gets off to an exciting start with a Cross Country Derby on Sunday 5th March. It is an exciting event combining speed and the  skills required to clear challenging solid looking jumps spread over a course, that is close to a kilometre long.

Next up on the calendar is a Working Equitation Ribbon Day, Saturday 18th March. Ribbons will be earned for points scored in the Ease of Handling section. That means riders are required to negotiate obstacles set out in a specific order. Obstacles might include walking over wooden bridges, manoeuvring around and through tight spaces, sometimes backing in and out of a 20m line of witch’s hats. Once riders have mastered courses at the walk the rider can then go up a level and complete the courses at faster paces.

Clear Round Jumping is listed for Sunday 19th March. The day will begin with 70cm and go up from there. Lower jumps will be in the afternoon. Riders will choose their level but are eliminated immediately for knocking a pole down.

Our very popular  Dressage  Competition  will  complete a busy month of activities at Berry Riding Club. The club will be open for a practice day Saturday 25th March followed by our competition day Sunday 26th March. Competition will be strong with a large field of competitors entered.


March is time to start collecting your pink accessories because Berry Riding Club

Pink Funkhana is just around the corner 2nd April.It  is really a fun day for all ages and abilities.