Perfect Riding Weather now Autumn is Here

Our annual “Pink Funkhana” is being held on April 2nd.  Berry Riding Club grounds in Schofields Lane, will be a sea of pink.  The riders and horses are dressed and decorated in pink gear, glitter, ribbons, and paint. It’s a fun day out for all abilities from tiny tots being led, to experienced riders on beautifully educated horses. There is a range of events planned, from fun events to regular hacking events.  Naturally, “pinkness”, just how much pink is on show, will be an important criterion on the day. There is always lots of chat and laughter on what promises to be another great event.

Next up is the Clear Round Show Jumping day, Saturday 15th April. It is exciting to watch as the jump height increases after each clear round. Once again, all levels of riders are invited to compete. Poles are set as cross bars, not far off the ground to start with. Sometimes tiny tots are led by a keen parent or grandparent around the course. There is always a smile and a clap for them, as they need to jump too.

A Working Equitation “play and practice day” is to be held on Saturday 22nd April in preparation for the Working Equitation Competition, Sunday 23rd April. The Berry Riding Club competition has two phases, ease of handling and dressage.  Ease of handling is where a course through a variety of obstacles is set.  The riders are assessed as they move between obstacles and attempt to complete tasks from the saddle. The second phase is a dressage test where balance and precision of both rider and horse are tested.

Safe and happy Easter from all of us at Berry Riding Club.

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