A heartening example of community inter-club friendship and thoughtfulness
led to Berry Riding Club being gifted a large trailer, from Reedy Creek
Equestrian Club last month.
Members of both clubs, Anne & Vanessa Seaton saw the great value of the
trailer for Berry Riding Club. They swung into action organised and transported
it to our grounds within the week. It’s huge & fabulous. Even more fabulous
after Anne and Vanessa took time out of their precious weekend to scrub it
into its gleaming best.
Originally built to carry wind turbines, it’s made of fibreglass with a very solid
chassis but no heavier than a horse float

Setting out and packing away the equipment for our WE events will be so
much easier. No more double shuffling using 3 trailers, we can now fit all our
gear into the one trailer.
Welcome to BRC, “The Rocket,” and thank you Reedy Creek Equestrian Club.