Some dates for your diary.
And please remember, if you’re not riding at any of our events please consider volunteering a couple of hours to help lessen the workload for other. After all, that’s what successful enduring clubs thrive on, many hands making light work.
Date: Sun 20 August
➡️ Entries close:  Sunday 6 August
An excellent outing for riders new to dressage, inexperienced and experienced horses and experienced riders wishing to try a higher level.
Separate classes for junior riders.
No need to plait your horses mane nor wear a hacking jacket. Come dressed neat & tidy. Beautiful club shirts available for sale.
Give dressage a go just for fun.
⭐️ Other Upcoming Events ⭐️
✅ Dressage Practice & Protocol Day: Sat 19 August. Enter our Protocol Day now Limited entries.
✅ Working Equitation Play & Obstacle Day: Sat 26 August
✅ Clear Round Jumping Day: Sat 2 September
✅ Working Equitation Play Ribbon Day with guest judge: Sat 9 Sept