Our next WE event is now open for entering on Nominate. www.nominate.com.au 
WE Play & Ribbon Day
Sat 9 September 23
Entries close  Sunday 3rd September.
Open to BRC and EA members, junior and senior riders.

About our event

You can choose to:

1. Ride for a Ribbon: A fantastic opportunity to ride a full Working Equitation Ease of Handling (obstacle) course and be assessed by qualified WE judge, Bev Varoutsos. On conclusion, each rider will receive a scoresheet that has individual obstacle scores and feedback. Riders with a total score above 65% will receive a ribbon, your choice of colour. This event will be ridden to a draw. Riders will be sent the draw and map of the course in the lead up to the event. It’s the perfect way to prepare for a full competition. This class is limited to 20 riders.


2.  Only Play and Practice: Ride our WE obstacles spending the day introducing your horse to new challenges, practice your skills, work on your technique and meet new friends. And, if you have time go for a trail ride around our grounds. 

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