Happy New Year Everyone!    We hope 2024 is full of happiness and good health for you.

Like in the past we start each year with Twilight Jumping. 
There’s a height for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or more advance you’re welcome to join in the fun.
Tuesday evening: X/rails to 70cm
Wednesday evening: 70cm to 110cm
Enter now via www.globalentriesonline.com.au  Entries close Sunday night.  
If you’re unable to ride next week don’t worry as Twilight Jumping will be happening each week for the next 4 weeks. 
Other Upcoming BRC Events
✅  Twilight Working Equitation Play & Obstacle Evening: Sat 20 January
✅  Dressage Practice & Protocol Day: Sat 17 February 
✅  Dressage Competition: Sun 18 February
2024 Calendar
We’re in the process of finalising our 2024 Calendar with the plan to have it ready for publication in about 2 weeks. 
There will be a couple of additional events (we’re a very busy club!!) added to the calendar this year –  a HunterTrial or maybe 2 Hunter Trials and an additional Funkhana.
If you can think of a theme for our new Funkhana please let us know. In fact, any thoughts about our calendar in general or events we should hold will always be welcome.