About Us

    Berry Riding Club (BRC Inc.) was formed in 2007 to provide training and competition for riders of all levels, but principally for those novice riders from ‘entry level’ onwards.  

    Right from the beginning the Club’s motto has been “Riding Fun for Everyone”. We believe riding at all levels should be pleasurable, and friendship, mateship and happy smiling faces are encouraged.

    The Club’s activities, which include training clinics and competitions in dressage, show jumping, eventing, working equitation and social riding get-togethers are held at the Club grounds, Berry Equestrian Centre, 50 Schofields Lane, Berry [ see map].

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    Competitions & Training

    We provide competitions and training in flatwork (dressage), show jumping, eventing and working equitation. We promote training with professional coaches but also provide opportunities for members to share their skills with other riders.

    Skill Development Days

    Skill Development Days (SDD) are held monthly with experienced instructors which provides more advanced training  in dressage, eventing, show jumping and working equitation. We also promote clinics run over several days in all disciplines.

    Youth Training Days

    Youth Training Days are held monthly for club members under the age of 18 years. Coaching is given in the Olympic disciplines as well as Horsemanship, Working Equitation and Horseball. The days provide a variety of activities and enjoyment for both riders and horses.


    How to participate 

    • To participate in all our events, riders must be BRC members and/or EA members. 
    • Members will be notified of all upcoming events and how to enter via email. 
    • Non-members may ask to be added to our email list by contacting the Secretary: jasiiy@bigpond.net.au 
    Executive of Berry Riding Club

    President: Penny Rose

    Vice president: Jhonette Badger

    Secretary: Judy Sweeney

    Berry Riding Club Inc. postal address: 445 Coolangatta Road, Berry 2535

    Minutes secretary: Renee Warnes

    Treasurer: Sarah Green

    Public officer: Sarah Green

    Committee members: Kerrie Payne, Lesley Parker, Vicki Mathew, Kaitlin Aldous, Sue Green, Amber Schutz, Cathy Hooten, Debbie Holcombe

    (AGM August 2016)

    EA Affilitations

    The Club is affiliated with the EA (NSW) Inc (No 205 2320) for:

    • Dressage (DNSW)
    • Showjumping (JNSW)
    • Eventing (EvNSW)
    • Interschools (EA).

    BRC offers its members training and competition in all riding disciplines as well as officiating.

    EA Website (ENSW) 

    Our Constitution (The Department of Fair Trading Model Rules)
    History of our club

    Berry Riding Club was originally set up by the committee of Worrigee Combined Horse Trials Inc to act as a fund raiser to make good losses caused by cancellation of the ODE. As the organisers lived in Berry where less expensive and more readily available facilities existed, training and competitions were run locally and hence the sub committee adopted a local name to distinguish it from the annual event. When early in 2007, the management of the 2007 Worrigee ODE was not given to the club, its members determined to change the name to BERRY RIDING CLUB. This was passed at a Special General Meeting held on 23rd June 2007.

    Get in touch

    We love to receive feedback with suggestions on how to continue providing riding fun and good experiences. 

    Email: BRC Secretary jasiiy@bigpond.net.au

    Phone: 02 4464 1143 

    Mobile: 0410 506 143 (text is best)


    Where to find us?

    50 Schofields Lane, Berry, NSW 2535, Australia

    Berry Riding Club