Berry Interschool Equestrian Championship

    14th Annual Berry Interschool Equestrian Championship.

    The 2021 Interschools Championships is scheduled for 18-20 December 2021, and is being held for the second year at our home grounds at 50 Schofields Lane, Berry. Entries have closed as we have reached the event cap. Thank you to all of the competitors who have entered – we look forward to seeing you in December! 

    For our competitors: Make sure you follow our BRC Interschools Facebook page and keep an eye on your emails for all of the details for our competition. Contact us at for any changes to existing entries or for scratchings. Refunds will be given up until 24 November, or after that date with the production of a vet or medical certificate received within 5 days of the start of competition. 

    The 2022 event is scheduled for the October Long weekend. 

    Useful Phone Numbers

    Farrier: Luke Musson 0408 868 188

    Vet: Illawarra Equine Centre 4448 6364 Vets on call for this event.

    Paramedic located at the spectator shed.

    Photographer: Snapshotaustralia 


    More Information

    Program, Important Information & Volunteers List



    Welcome to our 14th Annual Berry Inter-school Equestrian Championship

    Bring on the fun!!!

    Interschools 2021 Program


    The success of every event depends on the willingness of its volunteers. Our Interschool Championship is hugely successful due to the  many parents, members & friends of Berry Riding Club who are willing to lend a hand. Sincere thanks to these selfless people. 

    Volunteers are being managed via Volunteer roles will be advised in advance of our event. If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer role we ask that you arrange for an alternate and advise us at as soon as practicable. 

    Team Managers

    Teams Managers are to collect rider numbers & competitor show bags from outside the Machinery Shed between 7:30am to 8:30am

    It is the responsibility of team managers to make note of their team winners for their school newsletters.

    Please use your phone to photograph the results on the scoreboards.

    No ribbons, sashes or rosettes will be posted after the Championship. Team managers are to make arrangements for these to be collected at the competition.


    Rules & Regulations

    Due to the very large number of entries the small committee of Berry Riding Club ask that every adult to please lend a hand at all the activities. Thank You!

    There will be no gear check stewards at our Championship. It is the responsibility of each team manager and parent to ensure that the riders & mounts are in correct & safe gear. Every judge and any committee member of Berry Riding Club has the right to refuse a rider if the gear & / or rider is deemed unsafe.

    Please keep the Berry Equestrian Centre free of rubbish! Please take your rubbish home with you or put it in the wheelie bins provided. 

    Riders are required to walk between activities. Failure to do so will mean points may be deducted from individual and school point score total.

    Riders are to report at their designated time in all events. Failure to do so may incur elimination.

    Any changes to a draw must be discussed with the official at the spectator shed.

    No equal placings in any event. A countback will take place.

    Riders / team managers / parents are to inform the office staff at the spectator shed plus inform all the judges if a rider is withdrawing from an event.

    Ribbons may be collected from the spectator shed one hour after the results have been announced or placed on display on the scoreboard.

    Direct all enquiries to the official in the spectator shed. 

    The Committee reserves the right to amend the program where deemed necessary.

    In case of inclement weather please phone 4464 1143 for a recorded message.

    Safety & Horse Welfare Officer: Penny Rose

    Presentation to Champions

    To take place in front of the spectator shed on the afternoon of Monday 20th December, after the showjumping equipment has been loaded onto the trailer.

    It is the responsibility of the rider / team manager to make sure that there is someone from the school or a friend available to collect  prizes. Ribbons will not be posted.

    Only the following will be awarded at our Presentation. All other place getters may collect their ribbons one hour after their event has finished.

    Champion Schools – Primary & Secondary 

    Overall Supreme Rider – Primary & Secondary

    Year Champions (Kindergarten to Year 12)

    Champions (Primary & Secondary) in each discipline: Dressage, Hacking, Showjumping, Flatwork, Hunter &  Sporting           


    Generous Sponsors to Support

    Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors for their generosity in supporting the Interschool competition for 2021. Please make sure that you do what you can to support these businesses, and please acknowledge their sponsorship if you are fortunate enough to win a sponsored prize. 



    Aerial View of Berry Equestrian Centre


    Dressage, Hacking & Fancy Dress

    Dressage – sponsored by Raine & Horne Berry

    DRESSAGE CHAMPIONS (Primary and Secondary) proudly sponsored by Raine & Horne Berry


    Judges’ Encouragement Rosettes donated by GLADIATOR FLOATS to be awarded to all Preparatory riders. Riders competing in the Preparatory tests are to collect their Encouragement Rosette from the spectator shed after 2:00pm on Saturday 18th December. One rosette per competitor.

    There will be no gear check at this event. It is the responsibility of each competitor to know the EA Rules for Dressage.

    Riders are to ride in draw order at their designated time. 

    Test papers and ribbons may be collected from the spectator shed 30 minutes after the placings have been written on the scoreboard.

    Primary riders competing in Dressage may also participate in the Fancy Dress. See more info below.


    Aerial map showing Dressage & Hack Ring location



    CHAMPION HACK RIDER (Primary & Secondary) 

    The order of classes (program) will be placed on the whiteboard at the gate of each Hack Ring. Gate stewards will call each class to enter the ring in order of the program.

    Refer to the aerial map for the location of each Hack Ring.

    Starting Times: 

    Ring 1: 9:30am – All Beginner Riders and All Led Riders

    Ring 2: 9:00 am – Novice & Intermediate Primary Riders 

    Ring 3: 9:00am –  Novice & Intermediate Secondary Riders

    Ring 4: 9:00am – All Open Riders (Primary & Secondary)


    Fancy Dress – sponsored by Ausprint Ribbons  

    Theme – the letter ‘L’ (L for Lockdown) for all Primary Riders only. Riding helmets must be worn.

    The Fancy Dress will take place at approximately 3:00pm, after the Hack rings have finished. Judging of the Fancy dress will take place at 3:00pm in front of the spectator shed.


    Sporting, Showjumping & Rescue Relay


    Sporting – sponsored by Luke Musson – Farrier m: 0408 868 188

    To take place in the dressage arenas located in the front paddock near the highway. 

    Note that this year the sporting is being conducted in two separate groups. Riders may only compete during their allocated times. 

    PRIMARY: between 10:30am and 12:00pm on Sunday. 

    SECONDARY: between 12:00pm and 2:00pm on Sunday. 

    Two parents will be assigned to time and work out the placings for each sporting event. 


    Aerial View of Sporting & Jumping Rings


    Show jumping – sponsored by Sheds n Homes – Nowra ph: 4422 5033

    Both show jumping courses are to be built on Saturday afternoon once the Hack rings have finished. All parents are asked to help.

    Showjumping to start at 8:00am. Course walk at 7:15am.

    Riders are to ride in draw order. Due to the large number of entries riders will be eliminated if not present at their allotted time slot. The draw is a ‘move up’ draw. Draw order can be found on the whiteboard at the gate to each ring. Riders are to be ready to enter when called by the gate stewards.

    NB: Parents are asked to replace the fallen poles caused by their own child. No parent has been assigned to pick up poles all day. 

    It is the responsibility of the riders to know the rules for each class. Riders will not be allowed to ask the judge how to ride each class.




    Rescue Relay – a speed event

    To take place in SJ Ring 1 Monday afternoon following the completion of the Grand Prix Show Jumping. 

    Aim: To jump as many show jumps as possible in 90secs. The course will consist of 8 jumps.

    Height:  A  mixture of jumps between 65cm & 80cm


    Teams of 2 riders.

    After the bell from the judge, both riders must go through the start flags together.

    If a rail is knocked down the other rider must jump the next obstacle.

    If a horse refuses an obstacle the other rider must then jump the obstacle the other horse refused.

    Riders can change the order of jumping as often as they like.

    If the course is completed under time the 1st rider must recommence the course with Jump 1.

    How to Enter:

    Riders must enter their team on Monday morning at the spectator shed.




    Flatwork, Grand Prix Jumping & Hunter

    Flatwork – proudly sponsored by Pet Stock Nowra

    The Flatwork Championship consists of 2 classes  – Handler Hack & Show Hunter. 

    *** Please note: all Flatwork workouts will be held between 8:30am and 12:00pm. It’s a move up draw. *** Draw order to be followed as close as possible. However, riders must move up in the draw if the previous rider has scratched.

    The Handler Hack workouts will take place in Dressage Arenas 3 & 4 in the front paddock near the highway. 

    The Show Hunter workouts will take place in Hack Rings 1 & 2 on the main arena.

    Each judge will be given a list of competitors. The draw will be attached to the whiteboard near the arenas. Do not change arenas .

    Workout descriptions can be found below. Riders must know their workouts. Marks will be deducted if judges are asked to explain the workout. A map of the workout will be displayed on the noticeboard.

    Handler Hack Workout

    For Led & Beginner Riders HandlerHackWorkoutDiv4Div5

    For Open & Novice Riders HandlerHackWorkoutDiv1-3

    Handler Hack Draws

    Intermediate & Open   HandlerHackDrawDiv1-2

    Led, Beginner & Novice HandlerHackDrawDiv3-5


    Show Hunter Workout 

    For Primary & Secondary Riders ShowHunterWorkout

    Show Hunter Draws 




    Located in Top Arena.

    All riders to walk the course at 8:30am. Riders must wear a back protector. The course will not change. Most jumps will be solid mobile x-country jumps.

    Hunter on the Flat will be ridden first followed immediately by Hunter over Jumps.

    Riders are to be ready to enter at their allotted time.

    Riders may be required to ride the Hunter Jump  workout around jumps. The circles do not have to be an exact size but a suggestion of the size. 

    Hunter Workout


    Hunter Jumping Course

    Please note: There is a set of compulsory flags to ride through as well as a “bonus” jump. Jump the bonus jump to earn an extra 5 marks. The bonus jump is at No. 8

    Don’t forget your back protector.


    Grand Prix Show Jumping



    Get in touch


    We love to receive feedback with suggestions on how to continue providing riding fun and good experiences. 

    Please note - we are not a riding school, and do not provide horses for lessons or instruction. If you wish to go riding and do not have your own horse, we recommend you contact a local riding school. The closest is Regal Riding School at Shoalhaven Heads.  

    Email: BRC Secretary

    Phone: 02 4464 1143 

    Mobile: 0410 506 143 (text is best)



    Where to find us?

    50 Schofields Lane, Berry, NSW 2535, Australia

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