G.G’s – Galloping Grown-Ups

    GG’s — Just for the fun of it.

    Do you have a spare couple of hours on Tuesday and/or Thursday morning and want to join a group of friendly, horse loving adults riding around?  

    Then…  the “Galloping Grown-Ups” (GG’s) is for you.

    Each Tuesday & Thursday morning the GG’s meet at our club grounds for a cuppa and social riding time.

    Read the GG’s FAQ’s tab for more information about these fun days. 

    To see great photos of all the happenings at GGs join our “Berry Riding Club GGs Riders” closed group on Facebook. Please note that to participate in GG’s and to join the FB group, riders must be members of Berry Riding Club. 


    More information

    G.G's FAQs

    How long is the GG Group session?

    GG’s usually ride together between 9.00am and 1.30pm.

    In summer the gates are opened at 8:30am and in winter the gates are opened at 10:00am.

    You must book in with our Club Secretary m: 0410 506 143 by 6pm the night before if you’re intending to come along to GGs.

    Is there a cost involved?

    Yes – $10 per horse. This fee entitles you to use all our equipment ie the show jumps, the cross country jumps, the dressage arena and the working equitation obstacles. There are also 80 acres for trail riding. Riders wishing to use the cross country jumps MUST wear an EA approved back protector. 

    Do I have to be a member of Berry Riding Club to go to GG days?

    Yes – These days are events conducted by Berry Riding Club for our members. To find out about club membership, go to our Membership tab. It is here that you’ll learn about the type of insurance coverage offered by BRC as well as how to join.

    Club members can also hire our grounds to train their horses on days other than GG days. Cost is $10 per horse and there must be a minimum of 2 people on the grounds at all times. This is in case of an accident. The other person can call an ambulance. 

    To hire the grounds book in with our Club Secretary m: 0410 506 143. Upon arrival riders are required to sign an Attendance Book.

    Is there a minimum number of riders for a GG day to go ahead?

    Yes – for safety reasons there must be a minimum of 2 riders/people for the grounds to be open. Our Club Secretary will let you know if another person has booked in to ride as well.

    Can I have a lesson with my coach at the BRC grounds?

    Yes – as long as your coach is a qualified EA Coach or has private insurance. Our co-ordinator will ask to see proof of their EA qualifications and/or proof of their private insurance.

    Our members thoroughly enjoy this social get-together. Mixed in with riding there’s coffee, munchies and lots of chitchat.

    Get in touch


    We love to receive feedback with suggestions on how to continue providing riding fun and good experiences. 

    Please note - we are not a riding school, and do not provide horses for lessons or instruction. If you wish to go riding and do not have your own horse, we recommend you contact a local riding school. The closest is Regal Riding School at Shoalhaven Heads.  

    Email: BRC Secretary jasiiy@bigpond.net.au

    Phone: 02 4464 1143 

    Mobile: 0410 506 143 (text is best)



    Where to find us?

    50 Schofields Lane, Berry, NSW 2535, Australia

    Berry Riding Club