Berry Riding Club is an ideal club for riders starting out in showjumping and also for the more experienced show jumpers wishing to train over higher heights.

Events held throughout the year include competitions, clear round training days and twilight jumping in the cool of summer evenings.

With plenty of space there’s room to conduct 2 rings of showjumping, an Open Ring (70cm to 120cm) and a Newcomers Ring (X-rails to 70cm).

One show jumping event is held each month using our large variety of fillers and other equipment.

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More Information

Lending a Hand

Being a very physical sport show jumping needs lots of manpower to make each event run smoothly.

There are several ways riders can help the organisers at each BRC event:

  • riders in the lowest heights are asked to arrive early and help set out the course. Over time, this has been perfected to a fine art and often only about 20 minutes is required.
  • riders are asked to bring along a friend, parent, partner to help pick up any poles they knock down. By doing this, no one person is left picking up poles all day. A very tiresome and heavy job.
  • riders in the higher heights are asked to help pack away the course before going home.
  • when not riding riders are asked to help marshall other riders into the ring
  • riders can organise lunch and morning tea for judges and volunteers

Any help on the day is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

How to Enter BRC Show jumping Events

To book in to an event:

  • Go to Global Entries Online www.globalentriesonline.com.au
  • Register as a competitor
  • Scroll down to Berry Riding Club
  • Click on Event Details
  • Follow the prompts

If help is needed when entering please ring Global 1300 365 077

Dress Code

At Berry Riding Club it is not mandatory for horses to be plaited nor riders to wear jackets at our competitions days or any other show jumping event. However this is not the rule at other clubs and therefore it is responsibility of the rider to know the rules before entering their events. 

At all BRC events riders are asked to present themselves and their horse in a neat and tidy manner. Many riders choose to wear our club t-shirt, windcheater or rugby top. Click on the Merchandise for an order form.

EA National Jumping Rules

Refer to Equestrian Australia Jumping Rules and Regulations for all current Jumping Rules. 

Remember that at all times it is the responsibility of the rider (regardless of his/her age) to know and operate within the rules.

These rules cover all aspects of jumping from the types of jumps, method of judging, format for competitions to the special rules applicable to competitors.

EA Code of Conduct in Warm up Arenas
  1. Respect must be shown to all officials and fellow competitors at all times.
  2. Follow instructions from the Ring Marshal at all times. Remember: Abuse of officials is a reportable offence.
  3. Always consult the ring Marshal before entering the warm up arena
  4. Inform Office and Ring Marshall if you are scratching.
  5. Inform office and Ring Marshall if there is a rider change.
  6. If there is any reason rider wants to change draw order, this must immediately be forward onto Marshal and Judge for approval.
  7. Follow the published starting order.
  8. Abide by the show’s recommended number of competitors in the warm up arena at any one time with a maximum of 10 horses allowed up to 1.30m classes where there is no restriction.
  9. Only competitors involved in the current competition can use the warm up arena.
  10. Replace all rails you knock down in the warm up arena.
  11. Warm up fences cannot be set more than 10cm higher and wider than the maximum dimensions of the current class.
  12. Competitors to place practice fences back to original height when finished.
  13. The nearest horse to go on course has priority to use ONE warm up fence.
  14. Do not return to the warm up fence after completing your round or have been eliminated.
  15. Do not dismount and hold your horse in the warm up arena unless you are adjusting riding equipment/tack. In this case you must be clear of any jumps.

Get in touch


We love to receive feedback with suggestions on how to continue providing riding fun and good experiences.

Please note - we are not a riding school, and do not provide horses for lessons or instruction. If you wish to go riding and do not have your own horse, we recommend you contact a local riding school. The closest is Regal Riding School at Shoalhaven Heads.

Email: BRC Secretary info@berryridingclub.com

Mobile: 0410 506 143 (text is best)



Where to find us?

50 Schofields Lane, Berry, NSW 2535, Australia

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